Our Past
Is Storied

But Our Story
Isn't Finished

Join us as we Raise Anchor To the Next 125 Years

Forged in San Francisco in 1896, we are proud to be America’s First Craft Brewery. As we celebrate and honor our 125 years of trailblazing tradition, we’re looking ahead to our next 125. Anchors raised and full Steam ahead.

Cans of Anchor beer


In San Francisco
Since 1896

We’re proud to be born in the cradle of progress: San Francisco, California. Music, technology, and yes, beer, all changed forever here. Progress is in the DNA of the City, and by extension, it’s in ours.

And like San Francisco, we’re evolving so we can keep handcrafting quality and time-honored brews for the next 125 years of doers, makers, explorers and above all, thirsty dive bar patrons.

Forging the New Look of Anchor

We’re honoring our past while staying true to our roots, with a look as bold as the brand it represents. But with beer as it is with people, it’s what’s inside that counts. And we didn’t change a thing about our iconic beers.

An Evolved Logo, Inspired By The Past

Inspired by one of the original Anchor Brewing logos, the refreshed Anchor logo is modern while incorporating etching details that tie back to our history

Bold And Bright, Just Like Our Brews

A sunny new “California Gold” color, inspired by our Gold Rush roots and long brewing tradition in the Golden State, paired with a blue that nods to our history by the Bay

Forged In San Francisco

There is more to the cityscape than the bridge, and Anchor is always at the heart of it

Meet the Fleet

Anchor Steam

The Beer That Started It All

A true San Francisco icon, Steam Beer is America’s original craft beer, named for the 19th century practice of fermenting beer outdoors due to the lack of refrigeration. As legend has it, the chilly San Francisco night air naturally cooled the fermenting beer, creating the visual of steam rising from the brewery rooftop.

Crispness of a Lager. Complexity of an Ale.

California Lager

Our Love Letter To The Golden State

Inspired by the first West Coast Lager made in 1876 and brewed today to pair perfectly with the great outdoors, California Lager is a proud partner of the California State Parks Foundation.

Refreshingly Bright. Undeniably Crisp.

Liberty Ale

The Pale Ale That Launched An IPA Revolution

First brewed in 1975, America’s first dry-hopped Pale Ale introduced a new spectrum of flavor to the beer industry and kicked off the IPA movement.

A Bright, Dry-Hopped, American Classic


America’s First Post-Prohibition Porter

Our classic Porter proves that looks can be deceiving. Beyond the deep, dark appearance lies a smooth, sumptuous and exceptionally drinkable beer.

Rich. Refined. Splendidly Smooth.

New Anchor Beers

Refreshing, flavor-packed, and ready for your next adventure

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Crisp Pilsner

Kick back and enjoy waves of refreshment with this perfectly balanced Pilsner.

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Tropical Hazy IPA

Get in a tropical state of mind with our remarkably crushable, juicy and refreshing Hazy IPA.

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Little Weekend 100 Calorie Mango Golden Ale

Big flavor, little guilt. Make it a juicy little weekend with our light, 100 calorie Golden Ale.

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Our past is storied.

But our story isn’t finished.


raised to the

next 125 years.

Our past is storied.

But our story isn’t finished.

Anchors raised

to the next 125 years.

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We encourage responsible enjoyment of our beers.

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